Pancake Tuesday in 2019! on 5th of March

GUSTO professional celebration - MARCH 5TH - SHROVE TUESDAY (known in many countries as Pancake Day! we still have vacancies, please don't hesitate send us the order by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hurry up, we want to quickly get the spring!

This moveable festival is determined by Easter.  The expression "Shrove Tuesday" comes from the word shrive, meaning "absolve". Shrove Tuesday is observed by many Christians,  who "make a special point of self-examination, of considering what wrongs they need to repent, and what amendments of life or areas of spiritual growth they especially need to ask God's help in dealing with." The most important part of Pancake Day week was making and eating pancakes. The hot, round pancakes symbolized the sun. People believed that by eating pancakes, they got the power, light and warmth of the sun.

Dear friends in Pancake Day we cannot reserve / booking the tables, sorry! 

*On the pancakes cake no discount (but free decorate and packing)




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